Tingkat Toleransi di Indonesia

6 Januari 2017
Binsar A. Hutabarat dan H. Hans Panjaitan


Binsar A. Hutabarat dan H. Hans Panjaitan

Reformed Center for Religion and Society


ABSTRACT: This article will measure the level of religious tolerance in Indonesia. The measurement of this level of tolerance is based upon views of some students’ organizations in Jakarta. These samples are chosen because they are groups which have most involvement in the issue of religious relationship. These samples which are used to represent the population of students’ organizations are five religious related organizations, namely: Christian Students Movement of Indonesia (GMKI), Islam Students Community (HMI), Buddhist Students Community of Indonesia (HIKMAHBUDHI), Hindu Dharma Students Union of Indonesia (KMHDI), and Catholic Students Unity of the Republic of Indonesia (PMKRI). The views of these students’ organizations are expected to be measurement tools for the level of religious tolerance in Indonesian society, which are very important to preserve the integrity of Indonesia as a nation. Data collection in this research uses surveys in the form of Likert scale, as well as structured interview. Data analysis is done with triangulation method so that it is expected that data validity can be well preserved.

KEYWORDS: tolerancereligionviolence

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