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About Us

Reformed Center for Religion and Society (RCRS) is an institution of religion and public research with the aim to carry out the role of Christians in building our nation. It is part of realizing and cultivating "cultural mandate" in God's creation (Genesis 1:28), with a focus on speaking the truth of God to liberate mankind from injustice.

The presence of this institution is significant in the turmoil-ridden Indonesia, especially in conflicts related to tribes, religions, races, and inter-groups. The turmoil level is disturbing especially when Pancasila, the official philosophical foundation of Indonesia, recognizes the crucial role of religion in the struggle for independence and nation building.

RCRS’ mission is to encourage the social role of religion in the life of society, nation and state. Religious freedom includes both freedom to have a religion and freedom to practice a religion. RCRS believes that religious freedom also have a public role, which is to sound off its critical and prophetic voice in laying down moral, ethical and spiritual foundation of religion in social life.

Our battle covers not only Christians’ concern but also many people's interests. RCRS believe that the truth of Christianity in the cultural mandate is an intrinsic truth. Thus even when the truth is uniquely Christian, it covers all layers of people to bring benefits to all parties.

Through publications, training, workshops and seminars, RCRS aspires to influence public opinion to equip and empower citizens to be responsible citizens in every element of society, whether in politics, economy, education, vocation, family, and so forth.

RCRS is called to prepare the cadre of dedicated leaders of the nation's moral and ethics. Through its programs, RCRS prepare future generations to explore the potential and talent that is still hidden, instilling the sense of leadership as stewardship, as well as providing insight into the nation to realize a just and prosperous Indonesia.

To influence public policy, RCRS seeks to review problems in form of research and study. RCRS also provides input and contribute ideas to the government, perform observation and advocacy on a variety of laws and regulations, as well as disseminating legal regulations to the public.


Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong (Founder) Rev. Benyamin F. Intan, Ph.D. (Co-founder)


Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong (Head) K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid (Late)
Rev. Dr. S.A.E. Nababan Prof. Dr. J.E. Sahetapy, S.H., M.A.
Letjend. H.B.L. Mantiri (Late) Dr. Mochtar Riady
Drs. Christianto Wibisono  


Executive Director: Rev. Benyamin F. Intan, Ph.D.
Research and Study:

Tandean Rustandy, Murniaty Santoso, Sohat Chairil, Henry Koenaifi, Heinrych Napitupulu

Advocate: Joko Prabowo
Media: Joseph Tjakra, Baskara, Jani Hermawan
Training, Workshop and Seminar: Nimrod Sitorus, Tumbur Tobing, Alwi Sjaaf


Paul Marshall Ph.D. Eden Napitupulu M.Sc.
Dr. James Skillen  


Binsar A. Hutabarat H. Hans Panjaitan
Mitra A. Kumara Shinta L.R.H. Sitompul